we sell to max 15L$ to mq


NO COVENANT Namhae (194,224) 2816
NO COVENANT Decimo (192,96) 2048
NO COVENANT Decimo (168,170) 6384
NO COVENANT Decimo (154,230) 2560
NO COVENANT Decimo (192,32) 2048
NO COVENANT Decimo (152,32) 3072
NO COVENANT Decimo (232,58) 5568
NO COVENANT Decimo (152,96) 3072
 I BUY for my Customer
I'm looking for lands full prims, square, 15/18 L$ to sq
 I BUY region or Isle
if you need to sale a big land, i could evaluate to acquire it. Please Contact me

This is me in real life, when i was 11 years old. Now I decide to live only in SL and sometimes I'd like to play in Real ;)

Yes, may be very strange but I found a real love in sl. Is this possible? Why not. We are in SL what we are in real, our faults and our values are same in both life. We could pretend to create an avatar of ourselve, but are you sure that you are a good actor? sooner or later we'll show what we are inside... Good Play.
This is an exclusive piece of italian residential place. It is Cinque Terre where people can rent house or place for boat.
Disco Live for better music in SL with Bands and DJs set. Italian Music.
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